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Multiple products with the same active ingredient and concentration are referred to as Atrazine 90. There is a list of these products and their labels in Atrazine 90 products

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FBN's price was less than half our local CoOp in some cases. Overall it looked like we saved $120,000.
Deryk Hagey
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Todd McCabe
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Atrazine 90 Products
Cornbelt® Atrazine 90DFVan Diest Supply Company See Label
Atrazine 90DF HerbicideADAMA See Label
Atrazine 90DFWinfield Solutions LLC See Label
Atrazine 90DFTENKOZ, Inc. See Label
Atrazine 90DF HerbicideADAMA See Label
Atrazine 90DFDrexel Chemical Company See Label
Atrazine DFADAMA See Label
Atrazine 90DFUnited Suppliers, Inc. See Label
Atrazine 90DF HerbicideSipcamAdvan See Label
Helena Atrazine 90-DGHelena Chemical Company See Label
Atrazine 90WDGLoveland Products, Inc. See Label
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