Every product that labels MITE as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
415 Superior Spray Oil435 Oil 98.8440 Superior Spray Oil455 Oil 98.8470 Supreme Spray OilAllectus® SCArborMectin™Ascertain™ TRAttain® TR Total Release InsecticideAxxe®Aza-Direct®AzaGuard™ Botanical Insecticide/NematicideAzatrol® EC InsecticideAzatrol® Hydro Botanical InsecticideBatallion™ 2 ECBesiege® InsecticideBi-Dash 2EBifen 2 AG GoldBifender® FC InsecticideBifenture® LFCBioCover® SSBioCover™ LSBioCover™ MLTBioCover™ ULBioLink® Insect & Bird RepellantBisect® LBrandt® Ecotec® PlusBrandt® Lime SulfurBrigade® 2ECCaptiva®Captiva® PrimeCapture® LFRCavalry™ IICheminova Malathion® 57%Chlorpyrifos 4E-AGComite® IICosavet® DFCosavet® DF EdgeCSC Dusting SulfurCygon™ LVDamoil™ Dormant & Summer Spray OilDebug® ONDebug® OptimoDebug® TresDebug® TurboDeclare® InsecticideDelta Gold®Demand® GDes-X™ Insecticidal SoapDibrom® 8 Emulsive (RUP)Dimate 4EDimethoate 2.67Dimethoate 2.67 ECDimethoate 4 EDimethoate 400Dimethoate 400 ECDimethoate 4ECDimethoate LV-4Discipline® 2ECDormant Oil 435Dursban® 50W-WSP Specialty InsecticideDusting SulfurEcotec®Endigo® ZCEnvirepel 50™Envirepel-38™Ex-icuteFanfare® ESFirestone™First Choice® Gavicide® Super 90First Choice® Narrow Range 415 Spray OilFyfanon®Fyfanon® 57% ECFyfanon® 8 lb. EmulsionGavicide® Super 90Glacial® Spray FluidGolden Pest Spray Oil™Govern® 4EGrandevo®Grandevo® CGGrandevo® WDGGrizzly® TooGrizzly® Z InsecticideHatchet® InsecticideHuma Gro® Proud 3®IAP 440 Spray OilIAP Dusting SulfurIAP Summer 415 Spray OilIntegro Magic Sulfur DustIntegro Magnetic Sulfur DustJMS Stylet-Oil®Kaiso® 24 WGKarate® InsecticideKarate® with Zeon™ TechnologyKendo™ 22.8 CSKendo™ InsecticideKumulus® DFL - C InsecticideLambda TLambda-Cy AGLambda-Cy™ EC Insecticide-RUPLambdaStar 1 CSLambdaStar Plus InsecticideLamcap® IILamcap™Lamdec™ InsecticideLeaf Life® Gavicide Green® 415Leaf Life® Gavicide Green® 440Lime Sulfur ULTRALime-Sulfur Solution™Lorsban® Advanced InsecticideLorsban®-4E InsecticideM-Pede® Insecticide Miticide Fungicide (10163-324)Magister™Magus® MiticideMalathion 5Malathion 57 ECMalathion 5ECMalathion 8Malathion 8 AquamulMalathion 8 FlowableMalathion 8-E InsecticideMavrik Aquaflow®Menace® 7.9% FlowableMenace® GC 7.9% FlowableMesurol® 75-WMet52® ECMicro Sulf®Microfine SulfurMicrothiol® Disperss®Miller Lime-Sulfur SolutionMite-E-Oil®MSR® Spray ConcentrateNarrow Range 415 Spray OilNufarm Chlorpyrifos SPC 4Nufarm Lambda-Cyhalothrin 1EC InsecticideOmni Oil 6-EOmni Supreme SprayOrganic JMS Stylet-Oil®Paradigm® VCPest Out®Phoenix Firebird® ProPrev-Am® UltraPro-Mate® BifenthrinProaxis® InsecticideProaxis® InsecticideProaxis™Province® IIProvince™PureSpray™ GreenPureSpray™ Spray Oil 10EPyGanic® Crop Protection EC 1.4 IIPyGanic® Crop Protection EC 5.0 IIRavage®Reaper® 0.15 ECReaper® ClearForm® (Caution)Reaper® ClearForm® (Warning)ReTurn™Reveal® Endurx™Rex Lime Sulfur SolutionRuckus™ LFR® InsecticideScimitar® CSScimitar® GCSeeker™ Insecticide with Isoclast™ ActiveSil-Matrix™Silencer®Silencer® VXNSniper®Sniper® Helios®Sniper® LFR®Sol-Oil 97Spray Oil 470Spray SulfurSuffa®SuffOil-X®Sulfur 6 LSulfur 80 WDGSulfur 90WSulfur Dry FlowableSulfur® DFSuperior Spray Oil N.W.Supreme OilSurround® CF Crop ProtectantSuspend® SCTailgunner™Talstar® S Select InsecticideTHAT® Flowable SulfurThimet® 20-G EZ Load®Thimet® 20-G Lock 'N Load®Thimet® 20-G SmartBox®Thiolux®Trilogy® Fungicide/Miticide/InsecticideTriple Crown™ Golf InsecticideTriTek™Ultra-Pure® OilUp-Star® GoldUp-Star® SC Lawn and NurseryVelifer™ Fungal Contact Insecticide/MiticideVenerate® XCVenerate™VistaSpray™ 415 Spray OilVistaSpray™ 440 Spray OilVistaSpray™ 470 Spray OilVoliam Xpress®Vulcan®Vydate® LWarrior II with Zeon Technology®Whirlwind®Wil-Gro® Hort Oil 98-2Willowood Lambda-Cy 1ECWisdom® TC FlowableYellow Jacket Flowable SulfurYellow Jacket Wettable Sulfur IIYuma® 4EZelto™
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