Every product that labels FROGEYE LEAF SPOT as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Acadia™ 2 SCAcadia™ 2 SCAcropolis™ FungicideAffiance™AFrame™AFrame™ PlusAftershock®Alto® 100 SLAndiamo™ 230 FungicideAproach®Aproach® PrimaArius™ 250Arius™ ADV FungicideArysta Propiconazole 41.8 EC FungicideAvaris® 2XSAvaris™ FungicideAviv™Azoxy TebAzoxyStar®Azoxyzone™ FungicideAZteroid® FCAZteroid® FC 3.3Azure™ Xtra FungicideBasic Copper 53Brixen™ FungicideBumper®Bumper® 41.8 ECBumper® ESCaptan 38.75% FLCaptan 4L Flowable FungicideCaptan Gold™ 4LCaptec 4L®Catamaran®Cercobin™ FungicideCercos™ FungicideChlorothalonil 720Cover XLCSC Dusting SulfurCuprofix® Ultra 40 Disperss®Cuproxat® Flowable Copper FungicideCustodia®Delaro™ 325 SC FungicideDithane® 75DF Rainshield® Specialty FungicideDomark® 230 MEDomark® 230 ME FungicideEcho® 720 Agricultural FungicideEcho® 90DF Agricultural FungicideEcho® Zn Agricultural FungicideEndura® fungicideEquation™Equation™ SC FungicideEvito® 480 SCEvito® T FungicideFitness® FungicideFore® 80WP Rainshield® Specialty FungicideFroghorn™Gold Rush®Headline® fungicideHeadline® SC fungicideHelena® T-Methyl 4.5 AgHelmstar Plus SCIncognito® 4.5 FIncognito® 85 WDGKoverall® FungicideLime Sulfur ULTRALucento™Magistrate™Marazo™Mazinga™ ADV FungicideMazolin™Merivon® Xemium® brand fungicideMiramar™ FungicideMiravis® NeoMiravis® TopMuscle™ ADVNarvos 50 WDG FungicideNu-Cop® 3LNu-Cop® 50DFNu-Cop® HBNufarm T-Methyl 4.5 F FungicideNufarm T-Methyl 70 WSB FungicideOmni® Brand Propiconazole 41.8% ECOmni® Brand T-Methyl 70 WPOverrule™OxiDate® 2.0Praiz™Preemptor SC FungicidePrevisto™Priaxor® D {Component B}Priaxor® D fungicidePriaxor® Xemium® brand fungicidePristine® fungicideProline® 480 SCPropi-Star® ECPropiconazole 3.6 EC FungicidePropicure 3.6FPropiczone FungicidePropulse®Protocol®Quadris Top®Quadris Top® SBQuadris Top® SBXQuadris® FlowableQuilt Xcel®Quilt® FungicideRegalia® RxRex Lime Sulfur SolutionSatori® FungicideSercadis® Xemium® brand fungicideSerifel® BiofungicideShar-Shield PPZSlant™Sovran® FungicideSovran® Fungicide (7969-154-67760)Sovran® fungicide (7969-154)Stratego®Stratego® YLDTepera® PlusTepera™Tetraban™Thiophanate Methyl 85 WDGTide Propiconazole 41.8% EC FungicideTilt®Topaz® FungicideTopguard®TopGuard® EQ FungicideTopguard® FungicideTopsin® 4.5FL FungicideTopsin® M WSB FungicideTopsin® XTR2 FungicideTrevoTrevo® TRZTrevo™ PackedTrivapro® FungicideTrivapro™ ATrivapro™ BVabro™Vacciplant®Vertisan™Viathon®Vigil™Willowood Azoxy 2SCWillowood AzoxyProp XtraWillowood Propicon 3.6ECWillowood Pyrac 2ECWillowood Tebustrobin SCXiphosin™Zolera™ FX Fungicide
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