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ProductActive Ingredients
Abba Ultra® Miticide/InsecticideAbamectin Product Details
Acephate 97UP®Acephate Product Details
Admire® ProImidacloprid Product Details
Agri-Mek® SC Miticide/InsecticideAbamectin Product Details
Altacor® Insect ControlChlorantraniliprole Product Details
Apollo® SCClofentezine Product Details
Assail® 70WP InsecticideAcetamiprid Product Details
Baythroid® XLBeta-cyfluthrin Product Details
Belay® InsecticideClothianidin Product Details
Beleaf® 50 SG InsecticideFlonicamid Product Details
Bi-Dash 2EBifenthrin Product Details
Brigade® WSB InsecticideBifenthrin Product Details
Carbine® 50 WGFlonicamid Product Details
Chlorpyrifos 15GChlorpyrifos Product Details
Chlorpyrifos 4E AGChlorpyrifos Product Details
Cobalt® AdvancedChlorpyrifos + Lambdacyhalothrin Product Details
Comite® IIPropargite Product Details
Coragen® Insect ControlChlorantraniliprole Product Details
Counter® 20G Lock'n Load®Terbufos Product Details
Delegate® WG InsecticideSpinetoram Product Details
Dibrom® 8 Emulsive (RUP)Naled Product Details
Endigo® ZCLambdacyhalothrin + Thiamethoxam Product Details
Force® 3GTefluthrin Product Details
Force® CSTefluthrin Product Details
Fujimite® XLOFenpyroximate Product Details
Hero® EWBifenthrin + Zeta-cypermethrin Product Details
Hexy 1EHexythiazox Product Details
Imidan® 70-W (Water Soluble Bags)Phosmet Product Details
Intrepid® 2F InsecticideMethoxyfenozide Product Details
Lannate® SPMethomyl Product Details
Leverage® 360Beta-cyfluthrin + Imidacloprid Product Details
Lorsban® 15G Granular InsecticideChlorpyrifos Product Details
Lorsban®-4E InsecticideChlorpyrifos Product Details
Movento®Spirotetramat Product Details
Mustang® MaxxZeta-cypermethrin Product Details
Onager® MiticideHexythiazox Product Details
Perm-UP® 3.2 ECPermethrin Product Details
Pounce® 25WPPermethrin Product Details
Prevathon®Chlorantraniliprole Product Details
Radiant® SC InsecticideSpinetoram Product Details
SmartChoice™ 5GBifenthrin + Chlorethoxyfos Product Details
Sniper®Bifenthrin Product Details
Sniper® LFR®Bifenthrin Product Details
Steward® ECIndoxacarb Product Details
Surround® WP Crop ProtectantKaolin Product Details
Tempo® SC UltraBeta-cyfluthrin Product Details
Vigilant® 4SCBifenazate Product Details
Warrior® with Zeon® TechnologyLambdacyhalothrin Product Details
Zeal® SC MiticideEtoxazole Product Details
Zeal® WDG MiticideEtoxazole Product Details
Zyrate®Esfenvalerate Product Details
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