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ProductActive Ingredients
Acuron®Atrazine + Bicyclopyrone + Mesotrione + S-metolachlor Product Details
Affinity® BroadSpecThifensulfuron methyl + Tribenuron methyl Product Details
Affinity® TankMixThifensulfuron methyl + Tribenuron methyl Product Details
Afforia™Flumioxazin + Thifensulfuron methyl + Tribenuron methyl Product Details
Aim® EC HerbicideCarfentrazone-ethyl Product Details
Alion® HerbicideIndaziflam Product Details
Ally® XPMetsulfuron methyl Product Details
Anthem® ATZ HerbicideAtrazine + Fluthiacet-methyl + Pyroxasulfone Product Details
Anthem® MaxxFluthiacet-methyl + Pyroxasulfone Product Details
Armezon® herbicideTopramezone Product Details
Armezon® PRO herbicideDimethenamid-P + Topramezone Product Details
Assure® II HerbicideQuizalofop P-Ethyl Product Details
Authority® AssistImazethapyr + Sulfentrazone Product Details
Authority® MaxxChlorimuron ethyl + Sulfentrazone Product Details
Authority® MTZ DFMetribuzin + Sulfentrazone Product Details
Authority® XL HerbicideChlorimuron ethyl + Sulfentrazone Product Details
Autumn™ Super 51 WDG HerbicideIodosulfuron-methyl-sodium + Thiencarbazone-methyl Product Details
Axial® XLPinoxaden Product Details
Balance® FlexxIsoxaflutole Product Details
Banvel® HerbicideDicamba Product Details
Basagran®Bentazon Product Details
BashAzon HerbicideBentazon Product Details
Basis® BlendRimsulfuron + Thifensulfuron methyl Product Details
Basis® HerbicideRimsulfuron + Thifensulfuron methyl Product Details
Beyond® herbicideImazamox Product Details
Boundary® 6.5 ECMetribuzin + S-metolachlor Product Details
Brawl II ATZ™Atrazine + S-metolachlor Product Details
Brawl II™S-metolachlor Product Details
BroadAxe® XC HerbicideS-metolachlor + Sulfentrazone Product Details
Buccaneer® Plus (55467-9)Glyphosate Product Details
Cadet™Fluthiacet-methyl Product Details
Callisto®Mesotrione Product Details
Callisto® GTGlyphosate + Mesotrione Product Details
Callisto® XtraAtrazine + Mesotrione Product Details
Canopy® EX HerbicideChlorimuron ethyl + Tribenuron methyl Product Details
Canopy® HerbicideChlorimuron ethyl + Metribuzin Product Details
Caparol® 4LPrometryn Product Details
Capreno®Tembotrione + Thiencarbazone-methyl Product Details
Chaparral™ Specialty HerbicideAminopyralid Potassium + Metsulfuron methyl Product Details
Cinch® ATZAtrazine + S-metolachlor Product Details
Clarity® herbicideDicamba Product Details
Classic® HerbicideChlorimuron ethyl Product Details
Cloak®Chlorimuron ethyl + Metribuzin Product Details
Cloak® EXChlorimuron ethyl + Tribenuron methyl Product Details
Cobra® HerbicideLactofen Product Details
Colt®+Sword® HerbicideFluroxypyr, 1-methylheptyl ester + MCPA, 2-ethylhexyl ester Product Details
Comet® Selective HerbicideFluroxypyr, 1-methylheptyl ester Product Details
Corvus®Isoxaflutole + Thiencarbazone-methyl Product Details
Credit® 41 ExtraGlyphosate Product Details
Curtail® Herbicide2,4-D + Clopyralid, monoethanolamine salt Product Details
Degree Xtra® HerbicideAcetochlor + Atrazine Product Details
DiCash DGA-4Dicamba Product Details
DiFlexx® DUODicamba + Tembotrione Product Details
Direx® 4LDiuron Product Details
Distinct® herbicideDicamba, sodium salt + Diflufenzopyr-sodium Product Details
Diuron 4LDiuron Product Details
Dual II Magnum®S-metolachlor Product Details
Dual IIG MAGNUM®S-metolachlor Product Details
Enlist Duo™ Herbicide with Colex D Technology2,4-D + Glyphosate Product Details
Enlite®Chlorimuron ethyl + Flumioxazin + Thifensulfuron methyl Product Details
Envive®Chlorimuron ethyl + Flumioxazin + Thifensulfuron methyl Product Details
Express® with TotalSol®Tribenuron methyl Product Details
Extreme® herbicideGlyphosate + Imazethapyr Product Details
Fierce® HerbicideFlumioxazin + Pyroxasulfone Product Details
Fierce® XLT Soybean HerbicideChlorimuron ethyl + Flumioxazin + Pyroxasulfone Product Details
Finesse® Grass & Broadleaf HerbicideChlorsulfuron + Flucarbazone-sodium Product Details
FirstRate® HerbicideCloransulam-methyl Product Details
FirstShot® SG Burndown Herbicide with TotalSol®Thifensulfuron methyl + Tribenuron methyl Product Details
Flexstar®Fomesafen, Sodium salt Product Details
Flexstar® GT 3.5Fomesafen, Sodium salt + Glyphosate Product Details
Fusilade® DXFluazifop-p-butyl Product Details
GoalTender® HerbicideOxyfluorfen Product Details
GoldSky® HerbicideFlorasulam + Fluroxypyr, 1-methylheptyl ester + Pyroxsulam Product Details
Gramoxone® SLParaquat dichloride Product Details
Grazon® P+D Specialty Herbicide2,4-D + Picloram, triisopropanolamine salt Product Details
GrazonNext® HL2,4-D + Aminopyralid, triisopropanolammonium salt Product Details
Halex® GTGlyphosate + Mesotrione + S-metolachlor Product Details
Harness® HerbicideAcetochlor Product Details
Harness® XtraAcetochlor + Atrazine Product Details
Harness® Xtra 5.6 LAcetochlor + Atrazine Product Details
Huskie® CompleteBromoxynil + Pyrasulfotole + Thiencarbazone-methyl Product Details
Huskie® HerbicideBromoxynil, Heptonoic acid ester + Bromoxynil, Octanoic acid ester + Pyrasulfotole Product Details
Impact®Topramezone Product Details
Intrro®Alachlor Product Details
Karmex® DFDiuron Product Details
Kerb® 50WP Specialty HerbicidePronamide Product Details
Kerb® SCPronamide Product Details
Laudis® HerbicideTembotrione Product Details
Lexar® EZAtrazine + Mesotrione + S-metolachlor Product Details
Liberty® 280 SLGlufosinate-ammonium Product Details
Lorox® DF Agricultural HerbicideLinuron Product Details
Lumax® EZAtrazine + Mesotrione + S-metolachlor Product Details
Maestro® 2ECBromoxynil, Octanoic acid ester Product Details
Marvel HerbicideFluthiacet-methyl + Fomesafen Product Details
Matador®Imazethapyr + Metolachlor + Metribuzin Product Details
Matador®-SImazethapyr + Metribuzin + S-metolachlor Product Details
Matrix® SGRimsulfuron Product Details
MCPA Ester 4MCPA, 2-ethylhexyl ester Product Details
Me-Too-Lachlor™ IIMetolachlor Product Details
Meto-SMetolachlor Product Details
MetrixxMetribuzin Product Details
Metrixx SCMetribuzin Product Details
Nortron® SCEthofumesate Product Details
Olympus® 70% Water Dispersible Granular HerbicidePropoxycarbazone-sodium Product Details
Outlook® HerbicideDimethenamid-P Product Details
Panther® SC HerbicideFlumioxazin Product Details
Para-Shot 3.0Paraquat dichloride Product Details
Parallel® PCS HerbicideMetolachlor Product Details
Parallel® PlusAtrazine + Metolachlor Product Details
Paraquat ConcentrateParaquat dichloride Product Details
Parazone® 3SLParaquat dichloride Product Details
PerfectMatch™ HerbicideClopyralid, monoethanolamine salt + Fluroxypyr, 1-methylheptyl ester + Pyroxsulam Product Details
Phoenix™ HerbicideLactofen Product Details
PowerFlex® HL HerbicidePyroxsulam Product Details
PraxisImazethapyr Product Details
Praxis PlusGlyphosate + Imazethapyr Product Details
Prefix® HerbicideFomesafen, Sodium salt + S-metolachlor Product Details
Princep® 4LSimazine Product Details
Princep® Caliber 90® HerbicideSimazine Product Details
Prowl® 3.3 EC herbicidePendimethalin Product Details
Prowl® H2O herbicidePendimethalin Product Details
Pursuit® herbicideImazethapyr Product Details
Python® WDG HerbicideFlumetsulam Product Details
Rapport® BroadSpec HerbicideThifensulfuron methyl + Tribenuron methyl Product Details
Rave® HerbicideDicamba + Triasulfuron Product Details
Realm® QMesotrione + Rimsulfuron Product Details
Resicore™Acetochlor + Clopyralid + Mesotrione Product Details
Resolve® QRimsulfuron + Thifensulfuron methyl Product Details
Resource® HerbicideFlumiclorac pentyl ester Product Details
Roundup PowerMAX®Glyphosate Product Details
Sandea®Halosulfuron-methyl Product Details
Satellite® HydroCap herbicidePendimethalin Product Details
Se-Cure EC HerbicideQuizalofop P-Ethyl Product Details
Shafen StarFomesafen, Sodium salt Product Details
Sharpen® powered by Kixor® herbicideSaflufenacil Product Details
Simazat™ 4LAtrazine + Simazine Product Details
Simazat™ 90DFAtrazine + Simazine Product Details
Simazine 4L FlowableSimazine Product Details
Sonalan® 10G HerbicideEthalfluralin Product Details
Sonalan® HFP HerbicideEthalfluralin Product Details
Sonic® HerbicideCloransulam-methyl + Sulfentrazone Product Details
Spartan® 4FSulfentrazone Product Details
Spartan® ChargeCarfentrazone-ethyl + Sulfentrazone Product Details
Spartan® EliteS-metolachlor + Sulfentrazone Product Details
Stam® M4Propanil Product Details
Starane® Flex HerbicideFlorasulam + Fluroxypyr, 1-methylheptyl ester Product Details
Status® herbicideDicamba + Diflufenzopyr-sodium Product Details
Stinger® HerbicideClopyralid, monoethanolamine salt Product Details
Supremacy® HerbicideFluroxypyr, 1-methylheptyl ester + Thifensulfuron methyl + Tribenuron methyl Product Details
SureStart® HerbicideAcetochlor + Clopyralid + Flumetsulam Product Details
SureStart® IIAcetochlor + Clopyralid + Flumetsulam Product Details
Surveil® HerbicideCloransulam-methyl + Flumioxazin Product Details
Tacoma® 1EC HerbicideFenoxaprop-p-ethyl Product Details
Topeka™Dicamba Product Details
Tordon® 22K Specialty HerbicidePicloram, potassium salt Product Details
Treflan™ 4L HerbicideTrifluralin Product Details
Tribune™Diquat dibromide Product Details
TriCor® DFMetribuzin Product Details
TripleFLEX™ HerbicideAcetochlor + Clopyralid + Flumetsulam Product Details
Trivence™Chlorimuron ethyl + Flumioxazin + Metribuzin Product Details
Trizar™Atrazine + Mesotrione + Metolachlor Product Details
TrizMax™Atrazine + Mesotrione + Metolachlor Product Details
Trizmet™ IIAtrazine + Metolachlor Product Details
Truslate™Clopyralid, monoethanolamine salt + Fluroxypyr, 1-methylheptyl ester Product Details
Ultra Blazer®Acifluorfen-sodium Product Details
Upbeet®Triflusulfuron-methyl Product Details
Valor® SX HerbicideFlumioxazin Product Details
Valor® XLT Soybean HerbicideChlorimuron ethyl + Flumioxazin Product Details
Varisto® herbicideBentazon + Imazamox Product Details
Velpar® AlfaMax™Diuron + Hexazinone Product Details
Velpar® AlfaMax™ GoldDiuron + Hexazinone Product Details
Venue®Pyraflufen-ethyl Product Details
Verdict® powered by Kixor® herbicideDimethenamid-P + Saflufenacil Product Details
Victory® HerbicideTribenuron methyl Product Details
Volley® Corn HerbicideAcetochlor Product Details
Volta® ExtraThifensulfuron methyl + Tribenuron methyl Product Details
Warrant® HerbicideAcetochlor Product Details
Warrant® Ultra HerbicideAcetochlor + Fomesafen, Sodium salt Product Details
Weedmaster® Herbicide2,4-D + Dicamba Product Details
WideMatch® HerbicideClopyralid, monoethanolamine salt + Fluroxypyr, 1-methylheptyl ester Product Details
Willowood Clethodim 2ECClethodim Product Details
Willowood Fomesafen 1.88 SLFomesafen, Sodium salt Product Details
Willowood Glufosinate 280SLGlufosinate-ammonium Product Details
Willowood Glufosinate 280SL (OT)Glufosinate-ammonium Product Details
Willowood Propanil 4ECPropanil Product Details
Willowood Propanil 4SCPropanil Product Details
Willowood Propanil 80CHSPropanil Product Details
Willowood Sulfentrazone 4SCSulfentrazone Product Details
Xtendimax™ With VaporGrip™ TechnologyDicamba, diglycolamine salt Product Details
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