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FBN Crop Marketing TM : Crop Marketing for the Digital Age.

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Managing marketing is hard. We’re creating a system for the digital age.

FBN Profit Center™

Your Crop Marketing Dashboard

Profit Center is an easier way to track and manage your crop marketing activities. Fully mobile-ready, you can use it right from your phone and set it up in less than 3 minutes.

FBN Select Markets™

Exclusive Premium Crop Opportunities and Packages

FBN Select Markets helps farmers get more profit from their crops by creating premium crop contract packages.


Flexible Grain Price Hedging

The FBN iHTA™ (Independent Hedge-to-Arrive) contract combines the hedging benefits of a traditional HTA with the unique flexibility to deliver your grain to any buyer. With the FBN iHTA you can shop around for the best basis.

Profit Center

  • Bids from More Buyers

    See bids from over 4,000 buyers with expected profit/loss calculations for every bid based on your real costs.

  • Profit & Position Tracking

    Quickly understand your inventory position, break-even price, and the profit per acre you’ve locked in from your sales.

  • Marketing Alerts

    Receive “in-the-money” bid alerts right on your phone.

FBN Select Markets™

  • Premium Crop Contracts

    Access Crop contracts that value crop attributes like quality, traceability, and seed variety.

  • New Crop Opportunities

    Lock-in future sales and minimize risk with access to forward contracts on premium crops.

  • Premium Packages

    Gain access to premium contract packages like advanced payments and discounts on inputs.

"FBN ​Select ​Markets ​allowed ​us ​to ​capture $1.70 ​above ​board ​and ​above ​basis ​for ​our ​non-GMO ​soybeans. A​t​ 50 ​bushel ​beans ​that's ​an ​extra $85 ​per ​acre ​for ​me."

This is an example of value captured by an actual FBN customer. FBN does not guarantee customers will receive the same benefits or value from participating in FBN Crop Marking. Results will vary.

Mark Gath

Minnesota farmer


  • More marketing flexibility

    Maintain the flexibility to deliver your grain to the most profitable location

  • Technology enabled

    Use FBN Profit Center to track hundreds of elevators’ prices at once, setting price alerts to ensure you don't miss out on favorable prices

  • Negotiation power

    Negotiate the final basis price yourself or use experienced FBN Grain Buyers to negotiate on your behalf

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