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Data & Technology

Personalized Market Data and Dashboards

Make better marketing decisions with timely local market data, updates, and alerts that keep you informed on the best selling and pricing opportunities.

Grain Marketing & Pricing Contracts

Contracts for Risk Management

FBN leverages its data, network, and independence to allow farmers to market grain and manage risk through a unique set of contracts.

Specialty Grain & Pulse Production

Exclusive Production Opportunities and Packages

FBN helps farmers access exclusive production contracts that help our members capture premium crop prices and generate predictable earnings.

Market Data & Technology

Personalized insights and alerts based on the markets and buyers in your area.

  • FBN Profit Center

    Easily access and identify the best bids in your area right from your phone or desktop with our cutting edge software.

  • Price Alerts

    Receive market updates personalized to your location including your area’s cash and basis price movements, and set trigger alerts to notify you when market prices cross your price targets.

  • Marketing Progress Tracking

    Use our software to record your crop sales, track how much of your crop is sold and report on your earnings.

Grain Marketing & Pricing Contracts

FBN offers a range of grain marketing and pricing contracts, which currently include:

  • Independent Hedge-to-Arrive Contracts (iHTAs)

    Lock-in a futures price without getting locked into a single buyer’s basis.

  • Deferred Price Contract

    Get cash for your crops and monitor the futures market to take advantage of potential price rallies.

  • Minimum Price Contract

    Lock-in a floor on your futures price and participate in market upside if prices move above your price floor.

  • FOB Farm Basis Offer

    Offer up your grain at a desirable basis level and we will work to put together selling opportunities that meet or exceed your offer.

IP Grain & Pulse Crop Contracts

Total Package Production Contracts help generate more profit per acre through price premiums, discounted inputs, and farmer friendly terms.

  • Attractive Prices

    Grow on contract and reduce risk by locking-in a competitive price.

  • Farm Inputs

    Access additional savings on chemical and seed inputs when you buy through FBN Direct™.

  • Farmer Friendly Cash Flow and Payment Terms

    Members who contract to grow with FBN receive payment on crops within 10 business days of delivery and have access to attractive payment terms on input purchases with FBN Direct™.

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We do not guarantee customers will receive specific benefits or value from participating in FBN Crop Marketing; results will vary and may result in loss. In addition to being an FBN Member, Additional Terms and Conditions apply to qualify for FBN Crop Marketing offerings.
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