Farm & Team Operations

Keep Your Farm Organized

Connect your team, track activities, and scout on the go.

See What’s Happening Across Your Farm with FBN Ops

FBN Ops acts like a messaging tool for your whole farm team. Want to check if someone sprayed a field before entering? Check your field timeline to see what happened and when on each field -- from all your teammates.

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Track Activities and Scouting Records

The FBN Ops app for iOS and Android lets you track all your field activities and notes on the go. FBN Ops automatically recognizes which fields you are in, making notetaking a breeze. Add notes on pests, crop status, activities and instantly share with your team.

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"We were trying to find a way to record information that would hopefully all end up in the same spot, and with the FBN Ops app, the ease of doing it was literally just like writing a note and sticking a tab on it."

Brandon Hunnicutt

Nebraska Farmer

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